Bonnie Ellis

Bonnie Ellis is an American painter. She was born and raised in the unlikely artistic oasis of West Texas. She is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. She has lived and worked in Albuquerque, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles. She taught fine art in her home state.

Ellis creates a soothing and peaceful atmosphere through her acrylic and oil paintings. The distinctive, dreamlike appearance of her work is the result of many layers of paint. She employs light subtle tones with color variations to invoke myriad interpretations. Ellis’s art infuses thoughtfulness with deep spiritual contemplation. She endeavors to create a world where grace transforms reality into place of peace, unconditional love, healing, and hope.

Often working on pieces simultaneously, Ellis finds inspiration in a work unfinished. She shares:

My process is incredibly organic. Each piece takes on a life that’s unique and lives in its own atmosphere. I work in multiple layers which makes every piece a practice of patience.

My passion is to create images that elicit a memory, a place, a time, a feeling, a moment, a melody, or even an unmet desire. The goal is that when someone views one of my pieces it engenders thoughts of a place in which that person would want to live…home.

When a viewer comments ‘I want to live in that place, I want to live there”, I know what needed to be accomplished through this outward form of expression, indeed was.

Acclaimed in the industry, Ellis’s art is held in numerous private, corporate, and healthcare collections throughout the United States.

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