Twizted Myrtle

Born in India, raised in Oman, and lived in London before settling in the U.S., her multi-continent, multi-cultural, global experience was a clear predecessor – and the inspiration for her defining maverick voice and work.

In 2014, she boldly stepped into uncharted territories again, starting a new venture, Twizted Myrtle, in pursuit of artistic dreams and a burning a desire to ignite social change. Responding to a deafening voice inside her that told Asha she needed to contribute to the world in a very personal, meaningful and life-changing way. Twizted Myrtle became the multi-pronged platform for her to tell compelling and thought-provoking stories through art and conversation.

Asha’s photography is her guiding light. She challenges the status quo and our conformed way of thinking. She communicates with unfiltered honesty, and unravels the truths on a host of issues where most would fear to tread. Her work is thought-provoking and challenges us to see and think differently to help unlock our mindsets from self imposed limitations.